Mindful Leader

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AUTHORS: Megan Reitz, Michael Chaskalson, Sharon Olivier, Lee Walle

Developing the capacity for resilience and collaboration in complex times through mindfulness practice

The context in which leaders need to operate has changed significantly since the turn of the century.

Global challenges today include political and economic instability, climate change, rapidly increasing globalisation, the proliferation of social media and the threat of terrorism in cyberspace as well as in our places of work and home. Conditions are described as increasingly paradoxical1, with leaders embedded in diverse relational networks2 and systems which are complex rather than ‘simply’ complicated3.

Leaders today are called on to develop the capacities for relating and working well with others and coping – indeed thriving – in situations where they lack the capacity to engineer or control outcomes.

In this report we examine the impact of a Mindful Leader training program on three key intertwined capacities commonly cited4 as being critical for leaders in the 21st century.


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