Leadership Support in Coronavirus

Start your day with Calm and Start your day with your Body
(not your head)

Most of our anxiety comes from the information overload, worst case scenarios and uncertainty.  Even though the anxiety is valid, we should also take care of our mind by pressing pause on the nervous system every now and then.  Creating practices that “gets us into our bodies” are crucial.  A Being mode enables an effective Thinking and Doing Mode. 

Suggested recipe. This will take a few weeks to get use to. It might look easy, but it goes against our instinctive need to get up and get going as fast as possible. We are in crisis after all. We also know that to Fastrack something in complexity, you need to slow it down. Be kind to yourself but just keep on practicing this recipe.  It can  become routine sooner than later

  • Set your alarm for 15 min earlier as usual

  • Do NOT switch your phone on when you wake up. 

  • Body first, then Thinking space: Follow this 3 min Breathing Space:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rOne1P0TKL8

  • Create a mindfulness practice / ritual:

    • Make a cup of coffee / tea / breakfast. 

      • Make that cup.  Make that breakfast

      • Drink that cup.  Eat that breakfast

  • Switch Tech on and do a 10-15 min scan for URGENT messages

  • Switch Tech off

  • Get 15-20 min exercise

  • Get ready for the day.  Slowly

Create specific times in the day to Pause and Go slow

  • Singletasking is key

    • Do not try and “handle” a day or week. 

    • “Handle” the next action/ meeting / email / conversation.  Focus on singletasking.

      • Lead/ Attend this meeting

      • Write / Read / Send this email

      • Attend this Zoom Call

  • Manage Distractions:  Lockdown your Head Space.  

    • Limit Social media to 3 x per day. Read News (Worldometer!) 3 x per day

    • Send fewer emails (you will receive fewer)

    • Do not automatically say YES to all “Zoom invitations”.  Zoom does not mean Must.

  • Time Outs 

  • Dinner / Connect and Bed 

    • Connect beyond work: After work, phone (not WhatsApp) ONE friend/ colleague/family member for 5min chat. How was your day?  

    • Lockdown Dinner:  No Coronavirus Conversations at Dinner

    • 15 Min Journal of your day.  We are living in extraordinary times.  Reflect on your story.

    • Back to your body for sleep: Before you go to sleep